About us


What is happening in Lebanon economically, politically, financially and socially is very dangerous. The unemployment rate has exceeded 55%, and among young people 70%. The numbers of immigration seekers are frightening. “Sperare” is an online platform to connect service seekers and providers since it became clear to Labora N.G.O. that there are many initiatives offering a lot of jobs in Lebanon, but, unfortunately, the difficulty of communication and transportation prevented seekers to benefit from them, so we sought to bring the distances closer through this platform, which aims to:
  • Inform about available and required jobs opportunities
  • Offer free training courses for all jobs in all fields
  • Inform about favorable and useful initiatives
  • Inform about websites that provide remote job opportunities
  • Inform about soft loans opportunities for small and medium enterprises
  • Study the new needs in the labor market and organize training courses for those interested

Targeted people

  • Job seekers who enter the platform, without any intermediary between them and the providers of all the opportunities to choose, on their full responsibility, the job that suits them better.
  • Companies or individuals who provide information to achieve the platform's objectives.

Features of the platform

Gratuity in giving, and willingness to transfer our society from a rentier society to a productive and successful society.

Caring for the future of our youth and helping them achieve their ambitions.
Announcing training courses in all regions because, on the one hand, the associations and institutions that conduct these courses lack access to participants and, on the other hand, many young men and women are not able to know about these courses.


Because we are the children of hope and resurrection, and we do not want to surrender to all these difficult conditions that Lebanon is going through, as well as we do not want to be crushed by unemployment and immigration numbers, we open today a space of hope (Sperare) for the Lebanese, to say enough for unemployment and immigration, and yes to living and working.

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